From the recording SEE THINGS LIKE YOU

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Words and music by Jen de Ness
Recorded by Bill Atkinson @ Ocean Studios, South Fremantle
Jen de Ness: Vocals/Backing Vox/Composition
Bruce Hancock: Piano
Kate Pass: Double Bass
Vince Pavitt: Drums
Ray Vine: Saxophone


Shine in the Dark (Jen de Ness)
Verse 1
If you forget just who you are, slip into those places
Of faces gone and times before
Goings on behind closed doors.
Who we were is past once more
Come and heed the calling.
Close to me and close to you,
Time to write the story new.

Shine in the Dark
Let the light shine in
Walk away the pain
Come to love again.
Shine in the Dark
Let your light shine through
turn away the pain
Come to love again.