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About Jen's Singing, Performance and Songwriting Workshops

Learn to sing, play and write songs with International Singer Songwriter Jen de Ness.
Experience Jen's skill based and soulful method of singing teaching to nurture your true voice with singing, pre-performance techniques, vocal development and songwriting lessons.

In Jen’s Vocal classes you will discover a love for singing and passion for performance in a safe environment for all skill levels from children and beginners to professional singers.
You will learn:

  • New songs in unison, counter melody and harmony
  • New skills to build courage and confidence.
  • Vocal toning techniques such as breathing techniques, embodied vocal and projection exercises
  • theatrical play and awareness through movement exercises.
  • Pre-performance techniques to build your performance skills.
  • Improvisations and song interpretation techniques.
  • Enhanced ease, courage and confidence to perform in an ensemble 
  • Songwriting 

Singer, Songwriter and Performer Jen de Ness began singing and dancing when she was young, and nurtured her talent with many years of classical, alternative and theatrical vocal production. Jen has been passionately singing, songwriting and teaching over a span of 35 years, produced 4 original Albums, and has performed in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and NSW and Internationally in the UK, New York and France.
Jen’s smooth, soulful and velvety jazz vocals are well loved alongside Jen’s ability to entertain and connect with her audience:


“Jen de Ness is a very creative & dynamic music & drama coach as well as a talented musician. Jen helped me to tap into my voice & express myself through music, it was a very empowering process. For a long time i believed I couldn't sing, i had no prior training before I attended Jen's 'Voicedance Singers Workshops', along with thoroughly enjoying the process, the workshop culminated in a performance & CD launch.  Voicedance remains one of the highlights in my life & i will always be grateful for the opportunity of being part of a beautiful community & a memorable project. The workshops opened up many doors for me, personally & professionally through my work where public speaking is occasionally required. I look forward to participating in future workshops by Jen de Ness. With gratitude, Francesca Abbonizio” Student and Facebook Fan

“Jen is a supportive and inspiring teacher. She creates a safe space to nurture creativity and support growth. I continue to draw on skills learned not only in performance but also in everyday life.” - Danna Stevenson - Singer/Songwriter Student

“As a singer/songwriter I found the ‘Voicedance’ workshops a blessing. Jen’s classses were interactive and fun. They freed me up through vocal exercises and creative movement, and helped me to gain confidence in performing live to an audience. Thanks Jen Ben Perth, W.A.” Ben Zabbia - Singer/Songwriter Student

“Jen De Ness loves making music, and sharing her musical knowledge and skills with beginners, music students and professional musicians. She understands that music making needs to be fun as well as challenging, and she is very enthusiastic and encouraging to her students. Her workshops are creative and joyful. For anyone shy of singing she is kind and gentle and an expert at motivation.” Margot Boetcher - Choir Student

“I have fond memories of my Voicedance experience. Jen created a nurturing, safe space for experimenting and exploring vocals and movement. The process helped to boost my confidence to improvise and perform. The sessions were inspiring, soulful and fun! They were an important part of my musical journey. Thanks Jen.” Isabella Jennings - Singer/Songwriter Student

“Voicedance classes with Jen were fabulous! I learned so much about expressing myself through voice and had fun along the way. Jen helps you feel more confident and Voicedance is a great tool for all levels of experience.” Susan King - Student

“Voicedance provided me with a nurturing space in which to experiment with my voice - which I knew I had hidden in me. I found Jen and the class participants so welcoming and encouraging. A really fun and energising experience which even lead to performance for an audience. Exhilarating and affirming. Joanne” Joanne Russell - Student and Facebook Fan

The Cabaret of You Performance Course

 "Le Kabaret de Vous" - Performance of You Workshops and Show 

WHAT:  A  skill based, soulful & nurturing course of community workshops with singing, movement & pre-performance techniques

DISCOVER:  The courage, fun, wonder, & play of the Performance that is you

WHO:   International Singer, Songwriter, Band leader & Voice and performance teacher, Jen de Ness

OUTCOME:  A fun course in singing, movement and performance skills to build confidence and community connection in an ensemble to stage an easy, exciting & entertaining show for family & friends

  • Learn to sing and perform with ease and pleasure in a safe environment
  • The excitement of working with an ensemble to develop and stage a unique show: this is your chance
  • Learn new skills to build courage and confidence, leadership and team play
  • Breathing techniques, embodied vocal/projection exercises, theatrical play and Feldenkrais awareness through movement pre-performance techniques for ease and grace
  • Ensemble play, improvisations and learn some wonderful tunes
  • Breathing techniques, embodied vocal/projection exercises and theatrical play to support the performance preparation process and make it fun
  • Embracing the joy of the cabaret for confidence building and connection with ensemble and audience members.
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals alike.
  • After singing, playing, moving and networking with your new friends and creative colleagues we will put on a fabulous show  for family and community members with support from professional musicians, Jen de Ness and Bill Atkinson.


INFORMATION & BOOKINGS :   0434 880 695  

EMAIL: jen@jendeness.com